Friday, March 11, 2011

Short circuit caused by dual-channel memory errors

Recently, I bought an nForce2 chipset motherboard, with the two Samsung DDR333-256M of memory. Test in business is good, take it home plugged into the chassis after, the system issued a warning sound, can not enter the system.

Failure phenomenon: the motherboard into the chassis after the fixed, connected and power lines, data lines, the reference manual, the memory into the memory slot 1,3, powered on, the system issued a warning sound, makes the display can not point light, the system can not enter. Replaced by 1,2-memory slots is the same phenomenon. The use of a single memory slot is all normal.

Troubleshooting: The use of the memory slot 1,3 or 1,2 can not enter the system, using a memory slot alone can enter the system, which can be judged that the memory slot 2,3 problem. I thought for a moment could be back in business when the test is a good memory slot 2,3-ah! Certainly in the process of installing a problem. So I open the case one by one investigation found that the original chassis has a fixed board screw for metal feet, just 2 memory slots located in the following, very suspicious (this metal pin for fixed original KT133A motherboard screws, with the new motherboard holes does not match). So after I pulled out this metal feet, re-installed the motherboard, then all sorts of data lines, power lines, the boot, everything is normal. Then I re-installed Windows XP. It seems indeed that the exposed metal foot against the memory slot of the welding point, affecting the use of the memory slots.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hisense donated 6 million yuan to disaster areas for reconstruction

Beijing time at 2:28 p.m. on the May 12, Sichuan Province magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred, causing heavy casualties and property losses. Upon learning of the news, immediately contact the Qingdao Hisense Group Red Cross, decided to donate 6 million yuan to disaster areas for the reconstruction of the affected schools.

Hisense The donated 6 million yuan, will focus on helping disaster restoration and reconstruction of schools, Hisense will monitor the entire process and reconstruction of school building standards, to ensure high standards and to shock the school with the fastest speed of the reconstruction, rehabilitation teaching. In addition, Hisense will today launch a nationwide distribution of the nearly 60,000 employees donated money and goods to disaster areas to help affected areas post-disaster reconstruction.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Input change patterns! Sogou cool character you become more popular

Many friends of the machines are equipped with many kinds of Chinese fonts, in order to document or design your own layout is more beautiful, but you can like me, in Word or WPS word you enter this (Figure 1)? Tell you, I just installed the latest 1.5 version of "Sogou Pinyin input method", brought with it a "cool dog word search" function input. "Sogou cool word" is "Sogou Pinyin input method," first introduced the first version 1.5 beta of a very interesting service, only the word Zixia character, Daisy Li character word is "鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈹?鈺?鈺?鈺?鈺?"the 15 line, curve, symbol makes up the character. Daisy Li word font characters, including Daisy Li single body, Daisy Li double body, Daisy Li thick body, they are size 6 脳 6 characters. Specific use is as follows:

1, download and install the latest version of the "Sogou Pinyin input method", the download address is:

2, open Word, WPS and other word processing system or chat forum window, converted to "Sogou Pinyin input method", click "Sogou Pinyin input method" toolbar behind the "small wrench" icon 鈫?Sogou cool word 鈫?Standard Mode (also can choose "fast mode", but "fast mode" can not be the font selection.), (Figure 2) Open the "Search Dog Cool word" input dialog box, enter the characters in the bottom left corner of the box, be selected Chinese characters, the number of words per line and word spacing, on top of the preview window will show the final effect of the text, the final point "on screen" button to finish the. (Figure 3)

How kind! Quickly to cool an it!


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Digital China Open play the "Famous Brand" legal battle

"Digital China Networks, I have to go to school, yet I school." November 9, Beijing financing before building, four students pull out the banner.

5 days ago, such a demonstration before the square is also digital technology, operations planners is the Digital DC-NTP course.

As Digital China (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Digital China) Beijing Shenzhou-rounder prosecution of international educational technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as general education) trademark infringement, resulting from the general education enrollment to get the Digital Network Communications Engineer (DC- NTP) authentication can not be normal school students.

Cooperation deadlock

November 11 morning, the reporter called general education company, in a long time no one answered, the students wide access road from the phone, "the staff are gone, and only a few students and teachers also."

As Digital China Network Communications Engineer (DC-NTP) National distributor of general education courses, this season was supposed to be the busiest students, enrollment most fiery stage, now do not even front desk staff can not be found.

It is understood, DC-NTP means "Digital authentication of network traffic engineers", in 2006, by the Digital Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital China Networks (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Digital Networks) has developed its courses.

Learning in this course as long as the certification exams through Digital China, after passing score can be awarded to both Digital Network Communications Engineer "DC-NTP" certification, the State Department of Labor and Social Security computer professional qualification level "OSTA" certification Ministry of Information Industry of the vocational qualification training "NEACE" certification authority certificate of the three.

DC-NTP program was to promote since the beginning of the year, many students directed at Digital China's reputation, starting the network communication engineers dream. So far, Agency and the General Education has recruited more than a hundred students, but the first batch of students in the remaining two months of lessons when I can end, the students suddenly unable to continue normal classes and general education staff have also left.

The future of IT industry in the cultivation of the school network communications engineer, what happened?

"In fact, because of litigation has led to general education with Digital China Networks and co-produced agents crack, and then produced a series of events." Road, he said.

In March of this year, general education and Digital Networks training agency cooperation agreements signed, the parties have agreed to become the general education curriculum Digital DC-NTP national distributor, by the general education curriculum for the promotion of related issues, the contract The closing date for April 2009.

Agents, recruitment, teaching ... ... When everything is running smoothly, when on August 14 this year, Digital China, Beijing Haidian District People's Court suddenly to submit a petition requesting confirmation "Digital China and the map" trademark is well-known trademark, requirements general education immediately stop using the "Digital China and the map" logo, Digital compensation for economic loss of 10 million, and assume the cost of litigation cases.

Digital China said that since 2008, Digital China general education have been discovered in the use of "Digital China" trademark and the "Digital China" in the name of recruiting students abroad, the act against the "Digital China" trademark. For the protection of "Digital China" brand exclusive rights, in August 2008, Digital China official to "trademark infringement" lawsuits filed against liberal education.

Then in September, received a liberal education sent the court indictment, Nan Chen, director of general education teaching management as "surprised" at the time of the experience, "We and Digital Networks cooperation more than a year, both sides have Agency Agreement, use all the icons Digital Digital Networks after approval, we do also have their seal of approval signature pieces, all in accordance with the mode of cooperation throughout our operations, did not expect a sudden Digital prosecution. "

This sudden action from the cooperation of both sides to break into the state. Chen Nan said that in the evidence submitted to the court shortly after the Digital China network to terminate cooperation with general education. October 29, Digital Networks also requested the return of their general education network switches and other equipment borrowed.

Thus, relying on the Digital DC-NTP on the survival of the general education curriculum can not be continued enrollment, the staff gradually dissolved, students are not the next phase of teaching materials and the lack of the necessary hardware equipment can not normally complete their studies.

Origin of well-known trademark certification?

On the issue of trademark infringement, general education has been puzzling, they believe the company has been in strict accordance with the Digital China network company to carry out an agency agreement between all the business activities.

Chen Nan said that, general education and also known as Digital Origin, "DC-NTP project was first Digital China Networks Project, and I staff the University Digital Network. But then make arrangements for the project-specific process, and the Divine Digital Networks, found himself without school qualifications, so in March this year, we are bunch of people to be separated out live separately Le liberal Jiaoyu company. can be said that liberal education are dictated by DC-NTP Xiangmu set up, it is totally relying on this project viable. "

Click here to view, why the Digital has its roots in the work in the same building anti-Ge general education? As the action was so sudden, it was questioned whether another hidden reason behind?

Chen Nan revealed that the origin of all because of Digital China want a "famous trademark" certification.

According to Chen Nan introduction, in that the respondent, the General Education to found the Digital ask, Digital Group's legal department said that general education is not to be prosecuted and, if infringement litigation, then the claim would not only 100,000 yuan simple as that. Subsequently, Digital Networks general education requirements with the Group's proceedings, identified through the case well-known trademarks.

Chen Nan said the company's high-level dialogue with all of Digital China has recorded information in support, but has not been presented to reporters.

"Digital China Networks, promised that, if we meet, will re-give us license to continue to cooperate." Chen Nan said, "but we take into account with the lose the case if the company invested several million dollars without the painstaking efforts of the brand is equal to , which for the education industry, would be fatal blow. "

According to Chen Nan, and if liberal education with Digital China, lose the case will lose its brand; if not match, the two sides of the partnership will make a clean break, general education suddenly caught in a dilemma.

If you do the same argument, the question arises: Why Famous Trademarks through litigation?

Associate Professor Chen Liping of China University of Political Science, said, the finding of a well-known trademarks are two ways: one is determined by the Trademark Office, not for acts, if the proposed enterprise itself, very difficult; another one is through tort litigation, in order to achieve finds that the "Trademark" The purpose of this increasingly common phenomenon that some companies consider its trademark had been "known", many have passed tort action to the court ruling as a "famous trademark", it should promote its own, has crowded out competitors, the purpose of reaching kill three birds.

Customs Law Office in Beijing lawyer Li Qingshan that, while well-known trademarks identified by lawsuits say there is no problem from a legal perspective, but the proceedings tend to play a good demonstration effect. Enterprises to achieve commercial litigation, it may take some moral hazard, and will be a waste of judicial resources, and even businesses may use the discretion of the judge, the breeding of corruption in the judiciary.

Chen Nan said: "Digital China is the first indictment, the court finds that the request 'Digital China and plans' for the well-known trademark, this claim can see their real motives."

However, Digital China sued for Trademark Identification is the purpose of hard to say, Digital Communications Manager Zhao thunderous statement: "I did not know this information, but we have evidence that the other party's rights are being violated, then the filed a trademark infringement lawsuit, with or without any other context, we must maintain our normal legal rights. "

Who pays the bill students

Regardless of side right or wrong, more than 100 students have not normal school, in both parties blame each other trademark infringement cases, while, who the school's students pay the bill for these?

Week depth and Way Canton students from Beijing, they DC-NTP8 tuition fees for more than a month nearly 15,000 yuan, the current studies on hold, the remaining hours and fees go from here, everything is unknown.

More students from overseas, a Northeastern student, said: "I just learned a half a month, tuition fees have been paid in full, now closed, there is no way back home, how can I do?"

This confused sentiment spread quickly among students, while the rest only a few general education teachers still insist on teaching, but they said "the hearts of students" had not in the classroom.

Digital distributed newspaper in the "Statement", said waiting for the process of trying cases, the network took place post mentioned in the "student" protests. In fact, it is general education directly recruit these "students" to "student" fees collected. Therefore, the dispute should be between general education students and their disputes, and Digital China and its affiliated Internet companies have no direct legal relationship.

"Whether students are in class or through self-study courses, as long as certified by the Digital Certificate examination can be awarded." Thunder Zhao explains, "anyone can!"

"And Digital did not require general education students to stop teaching. Regardless of whether to continue our cooperation, general education students as tuition fees collected should be given to classes, this is it with the contents of the agreement between students, students who received tuition, not to the students during the class, students can go to advertising, students should have this right. "

And general education students did sign a "learning agreement", but according to journalists understand that some students even "learning agreement" did not sign.

Chen Nan explained: "Now the network company to cancel cooperation with Digital China, we can not do complete obligations to students, because there they do not provide the course materials, and cooperation between the two sides, let alone the students in the course materials and examination fees certification fees must be handed directly to them, so can not say that Digital China Networks has no responsibility. "

Digital Technology Plaza, in the next week deep in the cold shrink the shrink neck, while hiding from the staff through the eyes of Digital China, one side said: "do not know when to known everything about genome of this day!"

(Man students are not his real name)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Children's Books list: Foreign Books victory, was embarrassing domestic children's books

The largest book market in 2006 list "'to study life-changing' Dangdang of the most influential annual book named" astonishing debut. The high gold content - all public voted to win the support of nearly a million readers in the domestic book market, which was a very unique beautiful scenery, and a textbook of many book lovers vane. Among them, the children's books readers reading list reflects the trends and tastes change, there is a great reference value to the market, known as the country's largest and most authoritative list.

The birthplace of the modern picture book from the British "smart bean picture book series" is known as the "picture book dream team" of British author Julia Donaldson and Germany 鈥?illustrator Axel Scheffler 鈥?joint creation, which won the 2006 Dangdang of the most influential class of the annual Children's Book Award Individual Award winner. Since the publication of a picture book in the series has won many international book awards, was also achieved great sales success, setting a single-volume sales of 2 million worldwide best-selling success. At present, the "smart bean picture book series," nearly 30 languages, deeply loved by young readers around the world. Many of these outstanding works, "Gruffalo" Gold Award 1999 鏂┈灏旇拏鏂?children's book, "witches broom are sitting" in 2003 the Blue Peter children's book award, "the city's most beautiful giant" 2003 Greenway Award nominations, " Little Conch and large whales, "2004 Greenway Award nominations," Gruffalo small Niuniu "2004 National Book Award for best children's books.

"The window of the small Peas - New Classic Library" and "not the same as Carmela" With their kind of stroke to understand not only attracted children, in the heap is also very popular with adults, "the window of the small Peas" by Japanese famous writer, the famous TV show host, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador - Kuroyanagi Tetsuko written. The book was published, not only in Japan but around the world have caused a tremendous response, Japan's largest-selling history book. This book describes the author's true story of a section of primary school. The "life sure there are things more fun than sleeping! "Size Carmela have been true in faith. Their persistent pursuit of those populations considered unimaginable. Go to sea, pick the stars, to recover all the way to escape the sun ... ... rough everywhere, after a difficult, but always good luck to safety. Final harvest can return more than expected and exotic fruits.

Reader's favorite books for children is a happy thing, but carefully seems as if very few domestic works Ranking book, remember, August 10, 2005 "Global Times," "City Life Sciences "has a bold message" Beijing Children love to watch foreign books. " In fact, not only children in Beijing, almost the entire range of children in China are like foreign reading. According to the survey, more than 80% in China, children's bestsellers are imported from abroad. Situation as child writer pointed out: "blind reading of foreign cultural works will be detrimental to the children grow, the same is like a partial eclipse. Foreign cultures 'invade' the direct consequence of recognition of values."

The reason is not difficult to find, and now most of the domestic children's books with a didactic, with no interesting vivid, of course, can not attract readers, especially children, and but only the market's popular is "Journey to the West", "Ne Zha "" gourd doll "These old stories, the children would have been back, and what innovations at all.

Thousands of years of glorious history and culture that made that literary poet, and we should have a broad and profound this carry forward local culture, to create works with national flavor is the top priority. Dangdang held this selection not only fully cover the range of readers reading reflects the tendency of readers to read and adhere to the changes, but also for readers to select books to purchase and provide a good guide the direction of fully proved Dangdang dominance in the industry can not be shaken.



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Monday, September 13, 2010

Green Dam How unfortunate?

Very sad, green dam has not been formally published, they were gang resigned to nothing.

Green Dam anxious to be eradicated people about for several reasons: First, some people say the Green Dam can shield the pornographic sites, which prevents them from certain requirements; Second, some people say the Green Dam prevented the network free hinder the freedom of speech, the installation of the green bar will be monitored. Therefore, many people strongly opposed to the green bar, against the government regulation on the Internet.

Green Dam is shielded sexual content, because the green bar itself is tailored for the protection of minors and the software. This is the fundamental purpose of the Green Dam available. If adults feel that green bar the way of her, can a discharge is over. Any country, any government will be the protection of minors as a very important and urgent task. This is the case of China, the United States but also the case in Europe, no exceptions. Our neighbors South Korea, to the health of the Internet, on more than 20 million people visit the site, have long practiced real names. However, primary and secondary students in China is to provide a healthy and convenient online green space, it was such a denigration How unfortunate?!

Some people not only against the green bar, many people abroad against the green bar, here including the promotion of "network without borders," Microsoft, as well as Western countries and has consistently called for "freedom and democracy" in the media. To be honest, I did not think the West will have a software so interested in China, even before understanding the green dam their "exaggeration." But seriously, one would think, naturally, the Western community, particularly the Western media would like to wear the "colored glasses" view of China. They are used to using the Internet to "change the" other "unfriendly" or "disobedient" countries. Far, former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once hopes to use the Internet, "change" the Communist regime; close, and now the Iranian situation so chaotic that U.S. popular social networking site "Twitter" on "ordered" as a non- glorious role. In view of this, we is not difficult to imagine why the West is so interested in the Green Dam. This I do not know the Green Dam lucky or unlucky?!

Green Dam is not some people's "imaginary enemy", nor of the West, "the latest discovery", it is only to protect China from online pornography to minors harmful software, is to create a web of green space and health of the software, only this it. NPC does not like it can "give up as cover fit the shoes", as installed or not installed, complete our free, others do not worthwhile to make irresponsible remarks, as he does not want equipment to make irresponsible remarks on the other, like the Green Dam.

The recent "Global Times" an article commentary entitled "Do not misuse freedom is the best protection," This represents the relationship between freedom and regulation. Freedom be abused, will inevitably lead to stricter regulation, as South Korea, like real-name system. I think, in July, a number of green dam system is unloaded is inevitable. There is a saying, but I have to say: We can not have visible green bar, but did not must not mind the invisible Green Dam. This is for children, but also for ourselves, even we can not leave the Internet.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Operators to remind: strange sounds for calls do not hang back on

Recently, for there have been reflected in mobile phone users often failed to understand the phone call, and sounds for the hang up, then back past the time are usually voice or advertising messages, etc., Inner Mongolia Autonomous Mobile customer service to remind users In such calls, it is best not to call back, because this may be cash in the phone bill to lure customers back trap.

Inner mobile users, according to Zhuo reflect middle of the night, his cell phone rang, when he was about to answer, the phone was hung up. Fear of the other important things, he would call back the phone, did not think the microphone in the voice voice heard. The next day, his cell phone arrears were down and he was very surprised, because I was only two days ago to 50 this prognosis pay. When he went to 绉诲姩钀ヤ笟鍘?transferred out details of a single call after that strange phone that is out of the ghost, and phone number of inquiries that section of the phone is calling from a place of Guangxi.

Customer service said that some of these phones will return as long as a call to pay the high cost of anywhere from several dozen yuan to more than tens of dollars, so that the mobile phone users are very angry. This phone is similar to calling from overseas, they can not check these phone numbers, information, and can not phone number for this field to take corresponding measures to stop.


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