Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Operators to remind: strange sounds for calls do not hang back on

Recently, for there have been reflected in mobile phone users often failed to understand the phone call, and sounds for the hang up, then back past the time are usually voice or advertising messages, etc., Inner Mongolia Autonomous Mobile customer service to remind users In such calls, it is best not to call back, because this may be cash in the phone bill to lure customers back trap.

Inner mobile users, according to Zhuo reflect middle of the night, his cell phone rang, when he was about to answer, the phone was hung up. Fear of the other important things, he would call back the phone, did not think the microphone in the voice voice heard. The next day, his cell phone arrears were down and he was very surprised, because I was only two days ago to 50 this prognosis pay. When he went to 绉诲姩钀ヤ笟鍘?transferred out details of a single call after that strange phone that is out of the ghost, and phone number of inquiries that section of the phone is calling from a place of Guangxi.

Customer service said that some of these phones will return as long as a call to pay the high cost of anywhere from several dozen yuan to more than tens of dollars, so that the mobile phone users are very angry. This phone is similar to calling from overseas, they can not check these phone numbers, information, and can not phone number for this field to take corresponding measures to stop.


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